couch love

there are many things to dig about
livin' @ my folks house:

*fabulous company
*extra laughs, smiles, & "good-mornings"
*in-house voice of reason{s}
*an a-
mazing ward fam
*helping hands/hearts when i need them most
*holly's mouthwatering popcorn
claud's TDF cooking
*AI parties
*crushed ice & water in the door of the fridge
*off-the-hook playroom rights 24/7
*crafty projects continuously going
*shower heads that work

[just to name a few...]


dixon suite #5 is quite comfortable & charmingly cozy.
*my parents have been so accommodating*
[bless their stinkin' hearts.]

even cleaned, dusted, & vacuumed today!}


but ladies and gents:
say hello {see visual above}
to the
tightest part about our current living quarters.

allow me to introduce you to:
dixon relic,
a sweet chunk o' history,
the most AMAZING piece of furniture

it's true.
{all...if not [most] of my
sibs would agree}
it basically
rocks all other sofas [to the death.]

with it's 70's upholstered
loved/torn fabric...
beyond-worn cushions...
& all.


it was my parents
first couch in utah. {tender!}
it moved with us to
arizona in '91.
it travelled with me to my college-ish apartment.
and then back to the
dixon res.
after which it took a turn @ eric's bachelor pad.
and now it's b-

...for me to love & enjoy.
{thanks for buying a new leather living room set,

and later tonight,
i shall sit upon it's comfy-
ness, hold hands with my boyfriend, sip a delightful beverage of my choice, and watch me some dvr'd jack bauer.

see: it serves me well.}


oh! and don't worry:
i've made it my personal mission to keep this hog in the family.

as in: i kinda won't let my
parents get rid of it.

*ry-dawg still needs time to bond with it post-

*and i have {no doubt} hollister will find a great future-use for '
im as well.

[that's all!]

*GO SUNS* tuesday!


The Roberts Family said...

cute post!

granny said...

Oh, my funny couch. Do you remember when Eric took it recently my only requirement was that it never come back? Hahahha. I'm glad you came so we had a reason to bring it home. So glad you like it.

runningfan said...

I took many a nap on that thing when it resided in my high school bedroom...aka Dixon Suite #5! Lotsa memories!

big.bald.dave said...

That couch also lived in our Phoenix apartment for about six months before we bought new furniture - it's almost a rite of passage for us Dixon children. :)

The Wizzle said...

Don't forget - it lived in our first apartment too after David and I were married! :)

Poor old thing. I guess Ryan and Holly might as well have their fun with it too, and then it can die in peace.

Coree Adams said...

I love it! There is nothing more comfortable than an old worn in couch!

joeyship said...

I remember that couch sitting in your American Fork home. My goodness, talk about a walk down memory lane....

Sassy said...

I sooooo LOVE your posts...you have such an amazing family....I would love to know them just because of you!!!

Amanda Jane said...

I remember that couch!

Holly said...

haha yes i think it is necessary in the future to get some time with that couch. i have gone through phase one, the fabulous orange chair. phase two will come someday :)