today was one of
THOSE days.

ya know
those days?

days where
after a long,
emotionally exhausting afternoon
you passively opt to have
mac-n-cheese for dinner,
{per the 3-year-old's request}
'cause you just can't think of anything to cook,
nor do you want to spend 10 precious doll-hairs
on equally-as-barfish fast food.

and then,
when you go to pour in the milk...
the jug annoyingly reads: use by june 7th.

ps: it's june 23rd.

it's june 23rd!
*car payment is due.

so you visit your laptop to pay your car payment.

and then you head to granny's
to borrow 1/4 cup of blasted milk.
['cause all three of you are sporting pjs &
you may or may not have dried baby barf on your shoulder.]

during the 1/2 mile jaunt to granny's,
your beautiful curly headed daughter
{of course} falls into a deep pre-bedtime slumber.

ya know: 'cause she's given up naps.
{the honeymoon is indeed over.}

but she
needs to eat her dinner,
or else she'll inevitably wake up at 3am:
"mommma, i soooooooo hungry.
my tummy hurts.
you make me some mac & cheese?"
{you know this from experience,
after experience.}

{to avoid middle of the night mac & cheese parties}
you lovingly yell:
"chlo! wake up!
let's get some milk so we can make your m&c!"

she wakes up.
you pull in front of granny's.
chloe gets out of the car.
and proceeds to sprall herself in the grass & fall asleep.

granny to the rescue!
{she gives you a half gallon & a hug & lots of motherly encouragement.}
+smarties for chloe to keep her conscious.
*tender mercies are real.

back to grandpa dunn's where you're housesitting.
bust out the mac & cheese.

chloe wants to sit in the high chair.

you run upstairs to change the other babe's

and come back into the kitchen to this:

i love my life.
i don't love mac & cheese.

tomorrow will be a better day.
{i promise.}


The Wizzle said...

Hahahahahaha! I'm seriously dying over here. Sorry.

Eve is kind of sort of not napping so good either. She'll take one, or not, either way, but I know we're on the way out. It stinks. You have my sympathy!

runningfan said...

I am laughing out loud as well. Sorry, Ang. We have those days ALL THE TIME at our house! You are in good company!

Today, for instance, Gavin spilled an entire box of cereal down the stairs. Why? Because I was on the computer and not paying attention to him. And later he covered himself with blue marker. It's washable, but still. At dinner, I gave him leftover spaghetti, and he inverted his high chair tray, spilling it absolutely everywhere.

And he's not buying the nap thing, either. A month ago, he slept two hours in the morn and two hours in the afternoon. Today he slept 45 minutes total and then screamed for 90 minutes when he woke up.

This is an exceedingly long comment, the purpose of which is to make you laugh or something helpful. Love ya!

Sara! said...

Yep, in good company.

Jason just opened the freezer and said, "Holy crap! You have a Klondike bar or 3 today?"

I replied, whinely, "It's been a bad day!"

kacee said...

Oh, Angie! Thanks for making me laugh after a not-so-good-day here too!

And I'm holding you to that promise - Tomorrow WILL be better! (:

Alison said...

Ooh that was a good one. Sorry.
I hate when that happens.

heather said...

Oh how funny. THat was me the other day. Only I was CHloe and couldn't (for the life of me) keep my eyes open, only I HAD to 'cause hello responsibilities. Urgh.

Lisa said...

I get it. Totally get it.

And... I actually LOVE mac and cheese, but try not to make it a regular, only my rescue meal.

Priceless pic.

Brandis said...

With a few minor variations, that was pretty much my day too. (milk never has a chance to expire at our house.) I hope you're having a better one today!

granny said...

Ah, the life of a mom. Nothin' like it.

rachbechep said...

i absolutely love the picture.
bless her little heart.

cori said...

oh this made me laugh. what a day for miss chloe. i totally loved how you captured this day. i have pics of you and chloe in my head..., and gettin milk...i have totally done that at my mom's too... mom's are the best for everything they do..smarties. i hear you sister. sweet little chloe. she was so pooped!

Lori said...

I just looked in my pantry and got kind of excited because tucked in the back was a bottle of apple juice (I love apple juice), but not with the date "use by April 7, 2005!!" Of course milk is worse. Cute picture of Cloe - glad she was sleeping upright and not with her face in her mac & cheese! Tomorrow will be better.

Tanya Leigh said...

:) Yup, that's pretty much it.


Jenn said...

I miss you!!! When can we get together? And I still need to meet Olivia!

Unknown said...

yes that is the life of having kido's. Everything always seems to happen also when you are very tired.
Hang in there, it can get better!
Keep the faith Sista!

Sassy said...

Bless your heart....I have so had one of those days for about a year now...