my favorite drawer

i never really wanted a china cabinet.
{not really my style}

but something i knew
i always wanted was a sippy cup drawer.

makes me happy.


Bev said...

Yes, I can see why that makes you happy, cuz makes you think of your little babes!! You are one lucky woman and you have the cutest blog evahhhhh!!!!

runningfan said...

We have one of these, and it's the best!

granny said...

They didn't really have sippy cups when my kids were little. I think I would have loved them.

Staci said...

I wish I had a drawer deep enough for a stash of sippys! Genius!

Sassy said...

so use to facebooking....went to the bottom to hit LIKE......that's okay I'll just write it out.....I LIKE YOUR DRAWER.....it is happy!