the dixon sleep gene

around 9pm {2.5 hours after bedtime} last night,
i moseyed on into the kitchen to find this:

chloe, dead asleep...on the floor.

and i thought what i think every night when
chloe participates in bizarre sleeping behavior:
uh-oh, she got the dixon sleep gene.

the dixon sleep gene {DSG} is a very dominant one.
lovingly passed down to us from mark & claudia both.
*most of my siblings are carriers.
{see this post for more details.}

i definitely got the DSG, in it's most potent form.

i talk in my sleep.
i walk in my sleep.
i laugh in my sleep.
i call people on the phone in my sleep.
i take hilarious notes in my sleep.
i randomly freak out in my sleep.
i've even checked the mail in my sleep.

i dream CRAZY, vivid dreams.
i can sleep an-y-where. anywhere.

*and it takes at least 30 minutes for me to be legitly alive post-wake up.

myron thinks it's all oh-so entertaining.
{example: towards the end of this post}

and even though i'm often teased by him
about my dreamland shenanigans:
i feel pretty lucky.

the DSG, while a curse at times,
really is a tremendous blessing.

the DSG means restful sleep &
hilarious stories for generations to come.

speaking of which:
is it bedtime yet?


Beth Curtis said...

I LOVE your sleep stories. so funny! That pic is classic.

Coree Adams said...

Love it!

runningfan said...

Your life is so entertaining. :) I loved the post about Eric...gave me a good chuckle. (Again.)

Lori said...

We must be related . . . my son is a talker, walker and all around funny guy in his sleep. Now instead of talking English and talking about baseball, he talks in Spanish and teaches the gospel.

The Wizzle said...

OMG. The sleep gene! Devlin is a carrier, with a very severe case, and Iris appears to be showing signs as well. Eve has been spared, knock on wood! I never get tired of the stories surrounding its lore.

Mom2BJM(Amy) said...

Does she stay asleep when you put her to bed?

Alison said...

Yay! I have it too and have passed it on to one of my children. Jake just LOVES to tell me each morning what fun things I said or did in the night.

Cyri said...

Yep! Totally a Dixon gene. :) My favorite is when Grandpa, Dad, and Randy all fall asleep on the same couch...same time...same expression on their faces. Love it! {P.S. I totally talk in my sleep too!}

Sassy said...

love it!!!!!

Laura Blue said...

That is so funny! Especially of that last photo in your other post that Myron took. What a story.