4 simple goals

elsie flannigan, from one of my fave craft inspo blogs {a beautiful mess}
is hosting the cutest little challenge/party.

and since i'm a total fan of goal setting, reward achieving, self helping, life enriching type-stuff...i've joined in the fun.

i thought i'd share here, what i've been working on.
my 4 simple goals.

1. make mornings fun!
i dread them and my first instinct is to be really super-duper cranky in the morn...but...i hafta be up anyway {because the munchkins prefer waking up around 7} so why not be in a good mood? i really feel like the tone is set for the day from the first few minutes...so i'm {really} making an effort to be nicer, more patient & an enjoyable mommy to be around in the am hours. we've created a little structure with chloe's chart & i'm tryin' to sneak in a little spice with fun little activities & yummy breakfast surprises for the girls.
2. do my hour of power daily!
[hour of power] is a tony robbins term. and yes, i love him. as in: i'm obsessed. he's one of my heroes. the goal is to spend one hour/day enriching my spirit. this time is spent reading my scrips, praying, creating, meditating, exercising, listening to chill music, thinking & planning. it's my me-time that helps me stay focused and keep perspective. i usually do this at night after the girls are in bed & before myron gets home from work. like 9-10pm. i sooo look forward to it.
3. paint my toes & fingers a fun new color every week!
for no other reason than freshly painted nails make me happy & put me in a good mood! makes me feel pretty & feminine. cheap, easy, & doable.
4. experiment with new recipes!
this should be easy since i've only recently become a mom who cooks and i know how to make like, er, 5 things! i still really struggle with the daily grind of preparing meals for my little fam. it's like once you get one meal cleaned up, it's time to prepare the next! i hafta stay really chill & flexible about things so i don't get overwhelmed. but! i feel really good about life when i follow through with meal plans & i am head over heals {in love} with sitting down with my little family at the table for a formal-yet-casual family dinner. it is one of my simplest joys. so fulfilling to me.

the challenge lasts until the end of the year. i'll check in every so oft & blog about my progress. if i'm successful with follow through, i'm rewarding myself with a cute new outfit that i wouldn't otherwise buy for myself. [hope that's okay honey!]

*anyone want to join in the fun? totally do!


Ryan and LeDawn said...

I LOVE her blog! She is adorable! Good luck with your goals!!! I need to set some simple and acheivable goals... I just might have to follow suite.

Britney {Jesses Girl} said...

i absolutely LOVE this idea. amazing!

granny said...

You rock! I'm thinkin' about what I can do...you are inspiring!

HooHoo said...

My heart loves you for being such a goal setter. Great goals, something that we all need to continue to work on. Hope that doesn't overwhelm you, that these should be life-long. You are amazingly inspiring!

The Wizzle said...

Those are *excellent* goals! I like them very much.

And I think I will mosey over there and check this out. New school year, and all that. Good time to shake things up a little.

(I've just gotten on the meal plan wagon again too, and it IS kind of overwhelming, but strangely satisfying too. Getting a new recipe book always helps inspire me!)

Amelia Smith said...

Boy did I need to read this, this morning. Your #1 is an inspiration :) I've found that those nighttime hours are my freedom, independance and peace and quite so I stay up WAY to late relishing in it, which then results in a very tired and cranky mommy in the morning. One that my early riser doesn't deserve. Her breakfast consisted of a hot dog that she retrieved herself this morning. I feel terrible just thinking about it! I'll be making my goals today.

The*Evans*Family said...

Tell your honey that a new outfit will definitely be in order. :)

Did you ever try that crockpot recipe I sent you? It's one of our faves.

rachbechep said...

i can help you with number 3! i'm the queen of nail polish...and painting nails....so call me already! :)

Bev said...

You are my hero!

katie said...

yay! i love your goals! [i plan on participating, but i can't figure out what i want to do! haha!]