welcome to the yard, little lovers

since today is probably the most beautiful day in the history of mankind,
i spent the morning out on the front porch with the happy, chirping birdies.

i planted a few little rows of pansies.

chloe made it home from preschool {just in time} to do the front row herself.
and then she sweetly instructed each little plant to "grow, grow, grow."

never mind that i spent 1/4 of the family grocery budget for the week @ home depot.
{totally worth it.}

i {love} pansies so much.
they remind me of my mom & and my grandma dent.
and they remind my mom of her grandma, too.

cross your fingers that i can keep them alive, k?


The Wizzle said...

They look so cute! It *is* a gorgeous day, isn't it? I wish I had the guts to just pull everything out of my front bed and start over, but there's a few things I like and I don't have the heart.

granny said...

Fingers crossed.

Couldn't be cuter, and I mean it.

runningfan said...


Two little lovebirds said...

fingers crossed!! they are beauties!

Amanda Jane said...

I'm so jealous, all snowed in and all. Arizona winters are the best.

Jenny Johnson said...

You are so sweet, thank you. And I try not to look at anyone in particular when singing or I cry myself. BUt glad you liked it, makes me feel good!

Alison said...

Jealous beyond belief that you can plant anything right now. Sending good garden vibes your way.