love is in the air ♥

i {love} celebrating love.

here's a peek @ our ♥-day festivities:

♥ baking day yesterday
♥ a no-kids cozy & sweet night @ home with my valentine
♥ some crafting
♥ being spoiled with gifts & goodies & outfits & babysitting from our families
♥ a special little lunch w/ ♥-shaped pizza
♥ traditional dollar-spot surprises in their mailboxes
♥ preschool valentine's party, sugar, sugar, and sugar
♥ and lots & lots of smiles, hugs & love

what i want to give my family & friends [you!] this year for valentine's day
is my commitment to be better & try harder.

i love my dear ones so much...especially my little troop of 4 & mine/myron's families.

i really want to develop a purer love...days filled with service, frank forgiveness, and seeking the very best in everyone.

i feel extremely humbled/blessed that we have such giving, generous family & friends...and my greatest desire is to {somehow} return the favor & become a more charitable wife, mommy, sister, daughter, ward family member, co-worker, visiting teacher & friend.

my goal/inspiration:

i [sincerely] love you all! ♥
happy valentine's day!


Yadirapocketfullofhopes said...

so sweet Angie :) we love you too!!!!

runningfan said...

I love your rose-colored glasses (and photos). You make everything magical...

Unknown said...

Love you too!

The heart quilt is awesome.

granny said...

Loved that video clip so much. And you really do have a way of making things so adorable...wow!

Kristen said...

Love, love, love the mailboxes. And your girlies are so cute. Can't wait to see you!

Bekah: said...

Could your day have been any more beautiful? I loved all the homemade Valentines, they are so pretty.

You rock!

Peg and Parker said...

O.K. You are a d.o.l.l.! I love that you are an engaging mom and creative force. I love the care you take with your children and I love, love, love that darling quilt that you used a a teaser... not fair. I am not sure where to find you that I might copy/steal it!

Sassy said...

L ♥ V E D it ALL!!!! Love you!