extreme makeover [dog edition]

as evidenced in the photo above, i am a terrible pet owner.

poor mr. miyagi has awful hygiene-
mostly due to my severe neglect
and extreme lack of desire to fork out my life savings on grooming visits.

i don't deserve him.

but i do love him a lot.
*except when i take him to the groomer and he darts out the car door, and i have to sprint down main street in my pajamas chasing him. [not cool agi, not cool.]

all is forgiven when he comes home {fresh from the salon} looking charmingly ewok-like & approximately ten pounds less hairy.

my affection for my dog is proof that anything is possible.

gotta love the little guy.


The Roberts Family said...

our dogs were there t the same time! man they needed it :)

Brittany Marie Trevino said...

LOL! oh he is so dapper. i love him! ya know my aunt june, who is a hairdresser, cuts her dogs(well her kids's dogs) hair! hahaha...

Unknown said...

We are so in the same boat as you guys. I go as long as possible between expensive grooming appointments ;) what a cute lil guy!