our little student

so proud of my little chloe girl for comin' home from school with this award in her backpack today.

she's thriving in kindergarten and it does my mama ♥ good.

i'm grateful she has such an awesome, supportive teacher
who pushes her with the learning stuff,
but also lets her be her creative little spirit.

i hope next semester i have some more time
in the afternoons to volunteer in her class
& see what she experiences throughout the day.

love her.
and i'm proud of her no matter what...


Heidi said...

Darling girl! Do you think her teacher would print me a certificate every day I exercise self control?

granny said...

That is a great award to get! So proud of her.

The Wizzle said...

Self-control is better than a LOT of other things you can learn in school, fer REAL. Yay Chloe!

Staci said...

so cute, I'm excited to see what Kindergarten brings for my Parker next year. Looks like Chloe is loving it by her smile;)

Megan said...

she is so adorable!!