day two: smile

for day two of the challenge, i bring you:

chloe's double-dimpled grin.
that child's expressions are instant happiness to me. ♥

i worked hard trying to get sweet livy to smile for the camera too...
turns out, all she needed was a quick swig from daddy's drink
to bribe a smile outta her.

little turkey: i could eat her cuteness for breakfast, lunch & dinner. ♥

perhaps my biggest blessing of all, is waking up to these two smiles everyday.

i need to remember that more.
i have so much to smile about...and it's right under my nose [quite literally] day & night.

here are a few things that made me smile today:

i made healthy choices and didn't eat any halloween candy today!

livy & i prepped our soil for some fresh flats of winter flowers,
to hopefully be planted tomorrow...if i have time.

cute cousins playing a freestyle number/{loud} duet...
and if you look close, you can see 'vaeh's darling silver boots....
[those made me smile too!]

and last but not least, happy vases of zinnias adorning the surfaces of my home.
all from this happy bloom.

*as a very wise woman once said:
"life is good, the zinnias are blooming..."


Mark Dixon said...

Your blog post made me happy this morning! I love you.

Bev said...

You always make me smile and so do your darling kiddos!!

granny said...

Love the pictures. And life IS good.

Emily, Julia, and Annie said...

Love love love. And I'm happy your zinnias are being the bomb, I already cussed mine out and chucked them like 3 months ago.

The Fletchies said...

You just made my lil' heart happy.

Kaytie Brown said...

MIss you!!