humbling lessons from sickdom

the little devil on my left shoulder has been
telling me all along that it was inevitable:

i officially caught the bug.

it's a drag. i'm coughing, fever, the whole nine.

i [despise] coughing & even more, i [hate] asking people to work for me. probably my least favorite thing, ever.

nevertheless, it happened, and here i am,
wishing i were sleeping...
but blogging from the comfort of my couch
& flannel blankets a-plenty....
cuddling with an even sicker,
more high-maintenance [very awake] blondie.

luckily i have amazing family, friends & extremely supportive co-workers...and everything is going to be just fine.

our dunn family has had a rough year with sickness. seems like every few weeks, despite my best efforts of staying sanitized, we cycle through another strain of something.

there's a crazy thing about being sick though, that makes me think about how much i truly appreciate being well and healthy. and how extremely grateful i am for this body heavenly father created for me. and that it's able to fight off germs. kinda a miracle if you think about it! modern medicine is amazing & we are so blessed to have natural resources available too.

i have a handful of friends and family that are battling very serious health issues right now, and i can't help but think about them...with my most heartfelt compassion, as i lie on this couch. they have such courage & are the strongest people i know.

makes me want to move more, and eat well. and to use this body of mine to accomplish great things, instead of just being obsessed with the way it [does or doesn't] look, or how much it weighs. makes me want to get up and run and jump, and do cartwheels with my girls, in honor of those who aren't able. *k, let's get real: makes me want to get in-shape enough to DO a stinkin' cartwheel. :)

it all causes me to realize that health is a blessing i continually take for granted.
and it just takes a minor bacterial infection to remind me that i am so crazy-fortunate,
to have the opportunity to get better,
and to [live] better.


Unknown said...

Wise girl, you are. I wish I could help you!

Marilyn said...

At least you have the cutest quilt evah!!

Amanda Jane said...

That thing that is making you all sick is called kindergarten/nursery. I swear we were in a constant cycle of colds until this year. I hope you all feel well again soon.

Jenny Johnson said...

You poor thing, do you need anything? I'm just down the street if you do!! PLEASE call or text me

granny said...

It is really true that we get a new perspective on being healthy when we are sick. Hope you can get better quickly and enjoy! Give Livvy hugs...

Sassy said...

I am sending you ALL a bouquet of get well wishes....and yes health is truly a wonderful blessing and sadly I myself do NOT realize how great I've got it till somethin' falls apart....take care friends!!! GET BETTER SOON!

Unknown said...

We just had some friends tell us about doterra. I hope you get well quick. Cute quilt. :)