paint it black

several months ago,
the very talented michael fretz
{the stepfatherinlaw}
painted the exterior of my home.

he painted the door black as well & i {loves} it.
but it's been [needing] a happy little wreath since i took christmas down.

i adore houndstooth.
i don't care if it's already out of style/if it goes out of style...
cause it makes me happy.

i also like simple.
i am a minimalist at heart,
{though i'm also extremely ADD with my taste}
so sometimes i like over-the-top, too.
*i was in a simple mood when i made this...
can you tell? ;)

supplies for this insanely easy craft project-
purchased at the greatest store ever,
[formerly known as scrapbooks etc.]
did you hear about the name change?
in addition to being paper craft heaven,
we also carry the yummiest fabric,
to die for homemade gifts
& other ridiculously awesome crafting supplies.
still a scrapbook store, just better!

have i mentioned how much i love my job?
*that's right, i have. :)

k, loveyou, bye.


becky+cade said...

ok, that explains a lot. everywhere i look these days, people are just typing ETC. i thought something was up with the name change! (: thanks for clarifying. (:

i'm in love with your wreath. it's perfection.

Bev said...

Love it...and the black door!!

heather said...

My first thought was "Who died!?" Because in the old days people hung black wreaths on their doors when a loved one died.

Funny that it was something of MY GRANDMA'S generation and that was my first though!

I think it's cute though. And I'm glad no one died. LOL!

heather said...


Brittany T. said...

totally cute! i love the new wreath. I would love to go visit ETC sometime i think i'd be in heaven lol :)

Kelli Collins said...

Love your wreath. :)

Sassy said...

OHHHHHHHHHH I ♥ black doors...our son and his wife have one and she has it so dang cute......LOVE YOUR WREATH TALENTED GIRL!!!!