my baby

the hubs & i have been cleaning out
& organizing the garage:
[#25 on this year's bucket list]
& we found a bunch of baby stuff.

livy discovered this binky...
and she misses it terribly.
BOTH of my girls have been OBSESSED with their binkies.

we took pictures to be silly & then i threw it away.
*i think that made both of us a little sad.

my complete trust is in {the lord's plan & timing}
for when [it might] be right to expand my family...

but, in the meantime, can't little libs just stay a baby for a while longer?

*pretty please?


Lindsey Neill said...

Such an adorable pic. And I can totally relate. Miss that kinda stuff too!

Jamie said...

Our one last binkie that Porter sleeps with is the same one. I need to throw it away too, just nt quite there yet!

heather said...

Just gave you an award on my blog. :)